Become a Volunteer

We at Madison County Habitat for Humanity are excited to announce the beginning of our 9th homebuild for a local deserving family, Ms. Lafarrah Chappel and her family.  As an all volunteer affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we are looking for other caring folks to help make this build happen. You can volunteer as an individual or with group. The build site is located in Comer, GA.

If you are interested in volunteering, click on the link below to download the volunteer application form, complete the form and send it in to our Volunteer Coordinator, Ruthie Holloman at Click here to download Volunteer Form:

Madison County HFH Volunteer Application

As with any construction, there are inherent risks involved in volunteering at build sites. Habitat for Humanity requires all volunteers to be aware of these risks and sign a waiver of liability. We will have copies of the waiver to sign on site. If you would like to prepare ahead of time, you can read the waiver ("HFH waiver") and then print the "HFH signature form", page 1 only, to sign and bring with you the day you volunteer. **Please note: volunteers aged 16 and 17 must have a parent sign 2 sections of the waiver. This is pages 2 and 3 of "HFH signature form". Any minor child under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent who will be solely responsible for that child. We greatly appreciate your attention to this matter and for your understanding.

Click to view the HFH waiver and HFH signature form

If you want to help build her family’s home, check the Construction Tab for upcoming events.

What skills are needed?

No previous construction skills are expected. Our skilled site supervisors and construction staff will provide the necessary tools, training, and safety information on site.  During a build, volunteers are needed to follow directions from our Construction Coordinator in several areas.  We use people with expertise as well as people who are willing to learn a new skill or assist a skilled worker. Volunteers help with painting, installing toilets and sinks, roofing, building decks and porches, hanging fans, installing windows, putting up lights, attaching switch plates, installing flooring, and many other small details involved in building a house.  

Other ways to get involved

We also need folks who will provide lunch and snacks for our volunteer crews. Sometimes that may be 5 or 6 people, other days it may be as many as 20!  We welcome any food that is fairly easy to eat picnic style. It can be homemade or purchased from one of several local or locally owned nearby restaurants. If you can provide food for one of our volunteer dates please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Ruthie Holloman at or call/text at 706-308-6488 .

Of course houses require materials and supplies that cost money. We also welcome financial donations.As a non-profit organization, we are able to provide receipts so donations can be considered tax deductible.  You can give through our website or by mailing a check.